Egg donation in Saint Petersburg

What are you supposed to do if you biggest dream is proving hard to fulfill?

The long way is different for many couples and you are going through many phases. In February 2010 after six years of trying to achieve pregnancy and yet another vain try at a fertility clinic we decided to try something new. You might say that we wanted to give it the last change of experiencing pregnancy. We started up with the adoption, but with adoption you never know how long it will take or how old the child will be. That is why we also decided to try egg donation. This decision wasn’t easy and one year before it would have been totally excluded. But the entire situation also affected our marriage, so today are we happy about our decision of egg donation. It gives us other kinds of concerns, now we are looking forward with excitement and joy, instead of pain with thought that we maybe never will be parents.  

The 4’Th of marts 2010 we made our first step where we started with the contact phase of the egg donation. Of course it takes time to do all blood tests that you need, but it’s like many other things with good planning you can work it out.

The 6’Th of June 2010 we arrived in Saint Petersburg for the first time. Up to this point we had all the required tests done in Denmark by our family doctor. All tests were discussed and approved by our Russian Doctor Zaytseff.  

Now we are pleased to share our positive story with others. It is now November 2010 and we are anticipating the arrival of our 2 lovely children in February 2011.

The entire course of our egg donation since the first contact has been really positive. And especially Dr. Zaytseff has made us feel like we were in good hands. The treatment from Dr. Zaytseff was done with huge commitment and heart.

We have no doubts what so ever in recommending Dr. Olga Zaytseff.

As another positive thing, the city of Saint Petersburg is really beautiful and it is easily possible to spend even more days here than the 10 days we had. We went there by car from Denmark and crossed into Russia from Estonia. Our recommendation would be to book you trip through a travel agency who will then take care of official papers including visa. But traveling by car is not recommended.

The story has been published after 2 beautiful boys were born in February 2011 

— commens from Dr. Zaytseff

Recommendations from a Danish/Estonian couple