Success story 38

Dear folks al over the world waiting and longing to meet the sleepy eyes and wet kisses of your own baby. I like to share my story with you in purpose to encourage you not to give up.  

Me and my husband was trying to get pregnant for about ten years naturally with no results.

My gynaecologist recommended us not to wait longer and to try IVF. We have done IVF with my own  eggs 4 times with no pregnancy. It was very hard time full of disappointments and tears.

The last IVF program we were told that it is worthless and waste of money trying again.

At this time I was 49 years. Tears, tears, tears and disappointment.

After some time wee decided to try IVF with donated eggs. I do not know how we decided us to go to St.Petersburg. Maybe the destiny if you believe in it. Our first travel and meeting with Dr Olga Zaytseff  was professional but still very worm and understanding. We did as I remember two embryo transfer with fresh eggs and three with frozen embryos with no results. Every time wee did the embryo transfer I had the impression that Dr Olga was hoping for my pregnancy as much as I was.

In October 2009 when we did the last embryo transfer with fresh eggs and fresh sperm from my husband I was sure that I could see a tear in the eyes of Dr Olga, she could not hide it. At this time I was almost 50 years.

In spite of our long waiting it was unreal that my pregnancy rnd_test was positive. Oh, my God, happiness mixed with fear was tearing me apart. Our first ultrasound,  I hold my husband’s hand and we were  crying in front of this two spots on US. Twins!!!!!!!

Now again happiness mixed with the fear for peoples opinion of having baby in my age. My first meeting with my doctor in Sweden how was supposed to follow my pregnancy was nervous.

The lady was wonderful. She noticed my uncomfortable feeling and started the conversation with one sentence that was guided me throw out my pregnancy. Hear opening of the conversation was

“You are not the most common pregnancy, but you are not the only one.” Thank you for this words.

My pregnancy was wonderful it was heavy but I was not having any problems typical for pregnancy.

I felt wonderful.  Our angels come in week 36. A beautiful girl and a beautiful boy. She was 3.67 kg and he was 3.05 kg.

Our happiness to become parents is so overpowered that it is difficult to find the worlds for it and I do not  want to give words for it. I just want to enjoy it. Until now it has not been any specific problems with being parents  in our age.

I want to thank Dr Olga Zaytseff and her team about all hear warmness and understanding. All doctors and professors I have been in contact with in Sweden are impressed and positive for hear engagement and analysis that have bee done in aim to make me pregnant.