10 egg guarantee

Balance between egg Number and Quality

As a practical doctor I find it very important to provide you with a good embryological start for your individual egg donation programme whether you choose your egg donor yourself or ask us to match a donor to you, whether you use fresh or frozen eggs.  Of course strict criteria and thorough medical testing is required for egg donor candidates to recruit those who are likely to produce sufficient amount of good quality eggs. Potential egg donors are women under 30 who have own healthy children, ideal medical history, perfect follicular reserve and normal laboratory results.

Since many years of clinical practice I was trying to ensure that no less than 10 donor eggs are available for fertilization for each of my egg donation patients. A good amount of eggs is the first successful step to the good amount of embryos on day 5 when an embryologist is going to choose one or two best embryos to transfer in the uterus. Hopefully there will be some more good quality embryos which are possible to freeze as a back-up.

But I was always looking to having a good balance between the number and quality of eggs. For example, hormonal treatment of donors [link to The Egg Donation treatment itself The egg donor’s treatment] with high dosage of hormones significantly reduces egg quality. That is why we use mild hormonal dosages for our young healthy donors, which is usually sufficient to collect 12-18 eggs of good quality (in average 15).

To collect a good amount of high quality eggs even after a low dose hormonal treatment of donors we perform a thorough medical check-ups of all the potential donors who are young healthy women under 30 – mothers of healthy children. Only those potential donors who have good medical history, perfect ovarian reserve and ideal laboratory tests, were checked and consulted by at least 3 medical specialists (gynecologists, psychiatrist, GP) can become active donors.

Even we use very low dosages of hormones for our donors, we collect usually more than 10 eggs form each donor due to critical and thorough screening of potential donors. Because we use all the collected eggs from one donor only for one recipient, it is usually not less than 10 eggs available for fertilization.

But what if despite all the medical check-ups and individual hormonal treatment a donor produces only a low amount of eggs? This is seldom but possible (less than 5 % of cases).

Due to availability of a large Cryobank of Donor Eggs and due to a large number of donors undergoing stimulation for the Cryobank it became now possible to guarantee at least 10 donor eggs available for fertilization for each recipient.

If you use fresh donor eggs, there are at least 3 solutions to this situation. None of them is connected to additional costs.

  1. Another individual egg donor with similar optical qualities can be provided as a back-up within the same time frame.
  2. If you find the Option-1 not good enough for you, we will be able to provide a wide variety of frozen donor eggs to choose or match from.
  3. Should none of the two options be good for you, we match or you choose a new donor and a new time frame for your treatment

If you use frozen donor eggs and they did not survive thawing well, we match another egg donor to you or let you choose another donor yourself according to whether you use Matched or Chosen donor programme.

None of the proposed solutions requires additional payment. In case you change from fresh to frozen egg programme there will be a partial money refund according to AVA-Peter’s current price list.

I find it very important to provide a good embryological start for each patient in terms of Quality and Number of eggs.

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