Success story 7

There is one conclusion only: it was worth it! I’ve been the mother of a wonderful daughter since last summer. Everything that happened before and after became relative.

For example, there were times especially during the first few weeks after giving birth that I didn’t manage to change out of my pajamas all day. And if and when I had half an hour all to myself, I had to decide should I take a nap, have a meal or take a shower? Or afterwards, I often completely forgot everything around me breastfeeding my baby. This is the time just between my little girl and me and I really enjoy breastfeeding. The feelings I have while nursing come closest to the experience I had when I was carrying my baby inside of me. 

The three years of treatment before are (almost) forgotten. I really don’t remember any longer whether it was the seventh or the eight cycle of treatment that was successful. I never spent one second thinking about giving up. No matter how hard it was on me or how many setbacks I suffered, I just kept on seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I managed to do so thanks to the marvelous support of Dr. Olga Zaytseff and her entire team. Now, what was the hardest thing to do? Finding the reason for the failed attempts? Motivating myself again and again to try another cycle of treatment?

Switching off my thoughts? Time pressure? Maybe that was the most difficult thing. We were sort of running out of time, because I wasn’t going to be in St. Petersburg much longer. Or perhaps all of those factors taken together. But even if I hadn’t stayed in St. Petersburg, we would have kept on trying. Here’s my recommendation to any woman who wants to fulfill her dreams of having a baby like I did: Never give up and always put your wish first, everything else isn’t really important.

It’s an incredible feeling to know that you can give the gift of new human life even if you’re forty-something. If this sounds as if I wasn’t through with having babies, that hits the nail on the head. Of course I’m hoping that we’ll have some more kids… Only two reasons would stop me from having more babies: If I was unable to become pregnant for health reasons or if my monthly menstrual cycle stopped. But as far as my feelings are concerned I would love to have babies for the rest of my life.

Story translated from German