Success story 40

Me and my wife met each other relatively late in life, I was 30 and she was 35. We both very much wanted children and didn’t wait very long before we started trying to get pregnant. Unfortunately we didn’t have any luck. After about six months we decided to consult a medical doctor. We made four attempts using normal IVF, but to no avail. The doctors then advised us that it might be better for us to try using donated eggs. We live in Sweden and here the time to wait for donated eggs is very long and we felt that due to our age we didn’t have time to wait for very long ­— my wife would soon turn 40 and the biological clock was ticking!   

Our swedish doctor told us about egg donation in St. Petersburg and after having talked to a friend of ours who had recieved treatment there and read up on the internet we decided to contact Dr. Zaytseff in St. Petersburg. Our first impression was very positive due to Julia, who handles the foreign patients of Dr. Zaytseff. Julia was very nice and spoke excellent english, wich made us feel very comfortable. When we also found out that the time to wait for treatment was very short we promptly decided on Petersburg. When that decision had been made things moved quickly ­– we sent information about ourselves to the clinic and were aided by our swedish doctor with all necessary arrangements before the treatment. After only a few weeks we were presented with a suggested donor and a timetable for the treatment in St. Petersburg.  

The treatment in St Petersburg was performed by Dr Olga Zaytseff. We both very much appreciated dr Zaytseff.  She was friendly, gave us straight answers and was clear about the possibility and the risk of using two fertilized eggs. We felt that Dr Zaytseff  made a very competent impression and we felt very well taken care of at the clinic.

The time in St. Petersburg was overshadowed by the waiting and our feeling of anxiety as we had only had negative experiences before. We actually began to get our hopes up when we were told that the number of eggs was high, but that hope faded a few days later when there were only two fertilized eggs and none of them were of top quality. Both eggs were implanted, but we weren’t really expecting much when we flew back home to Sweden. So when it turned out that we were actually pregnant we were really surprised – and even more so when we, after the first ultrasound, were informed that we were going to have not just one baby, but two! What bliss!!

The pregnancy was uncomplicated, even though my wife had to be home from work the last six weeks due to back pains. The delivery also went well and a few days in to the new year our wonderful twin daughters were born. I don’t think either of us has ever been as happy as that day!

The girls are now ten months old. They are almost always happy and also seem to appreciate each other. They are both healthy and growing at a tremendous rate. Not a day goes past when we don’t say to each other how happy they make us. They are the best thing that has ever happened to us!

The only thing we know about the donor is her height, weight, eye colour, hair colour and education. But who ever she is, judging by our loverly girls, she must be fantastic!