We used to read and dream about it – but here we are, telling about it!

We found out quite fast that it would never be possible for us to get pregnant on a natural way, as I in the age of 28 found out that I was in early menopause - which means NO EGGS to fertilize.
Further my husband got tested and he was told that his sperm quality was bad and not good enough for natural fertilization so there we were.
We talked about our situation and decided that 2 times minus will be PLUS! 

We started egg donation treatment in Denmark which was tough due to lack of donors, no knowledge about quality, how many eggs we could expect, what donor we would get and so on. It created a lot of stress for us during the 2,5 years it went on. In that period we got in total 3 treatments and only 4 embryos transferred in total – which is extremely few, and we never managed to get a positive pregnancy rnd_test.

After the 3 treatments in Denmark we could conclude that it had been a failure, so we kind of gave up on the dream of becoming parents. However one day I was looking for possibilities at the internet, and I ended up on a page from St. Petersburg!

Russia sounded for us like a crazy plan, but after reading everything through and after having contact with the 2 lovely women, Julia and Dr. Zaytseff, we were convinced this was the right treatment for us. At least to be able to say “we did what we could – end of story”

Dr. Zaytseff is a very professional doctor who has everything under control. 2,5 month before actually going to Russia I received my treatment plan which had to be followed.

We had a wonderful stay in St. Petersburg – the most beautiful city we ever visited – and we ended up with a 2x embryo transfer and with 5 embryos still waiting for us in Russia for future babies. That’s more than we had ever dreamed that was possible.

The treatment was professional and very comfortable for a woman who is in the most vulnerable

period of her life.

We are now 5 month pregnant – expecting 1 child – and more happy than ever. We never ever in our wildest fantasy expected this to become a true story…

Our advice to couples who would like the same chance as us is following:

  • Be mentally ready for the trip, treatment and country
  • Have faith in that it will work out for you
  • Be mentally ready to be depended on medication for the first period of your pregnancy, it can be overwhelming
  • Have a doctor in your home country that FULLY supports you regarding medication and scanning’s – it can be tough to deal with a non co operable doctor.

Why chose being treated in St. Petersburg by Dr. Zaytseff:

  • Professional and skilled
  • You have contact to the same people all treatment period – no need to explain your story over and over again to new faces
  • The donor register is so potential
  • You are guaranteed minimum 10 eggs
  • You have a precise plan of action – no stress and worries
  • The doctor think in possibilities instead of problems and issues
  • The pregnancy rate is unbelievable high

We wish other couples all the best of luck.

Ones again we would like to thank Julia and Dr. Zaytseff for a professional and human treatment.
You changed our life.

Best regards from
Thijs & Tina