Success story 34

We are a Swedish couple who have tried to have a baby without any luck for many years. We turned to a specialist and went through some medical examinations with no good results. Because of my age they refused to help me further here in Sweden.

The fact that my boyfriend is 15 years younger than me and the fact that we are a young active couple was not taken to a consideration here in Sweden. Adopting a child was not an option since it is a very long and difficult process. So we took a chance and wrote to the Petersburg clinic in January 2010. We did not believe in a positive answer so we were stunned when we in just a few days realized that we would have a fair chance to get pregnant with help from dr Olga and just three months from the first e-mail we landed in St Petersburg. Dr Olga also provided us with medical contact here in Stockholm  so we didn't have to go twice to St Petersburg for the initial medical treatment which saved us a lot of time.

Julia helped with the visa issues so everything went very smooth at the embassy. In short, all problems we thought would occur did not happen. The clinic is situated very central in St Petersburg and we stayed there ten days in a nearby hotel. There are so many interesting places to visit in St Petersburg so the time did really fly.

The result of these 10 days is a beautiful baby boy.

We thank Dr Olga and her team from the bottom of our hearts and recommend her professional skills