All we wanted to do was become a small family…

...and we had to look on how everyone around us seemed to be able to have children, usually without any major problems, just like that. But other couples, friends of ours, who weren’t so sure, were parents all of a sudden. We, on the other hand, were in our late thirties in the meantime and were considered the incorrigible childless couple that didn’t want to give up their careers.

We deliberately avoided mentioning our various attempts with IUI and ICSI fertility treatments in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. 

Every single one of these unsuccessful efforts, which had started with so much hope, inflicted a lot of pain. At some stage, we realized that an egg donation was the only option left to have a baby after all.

A time of reflection and contemplation began, because all things considered, this step would be more sweeping and far-reaching than we could have imagined at the outset.

To cut a long story short: We resolved our doubts and made an appointment in St. Petersburg after having done extensive research to find a suitable infertility center. Our attending physician, Dr. Zaytseff, looked after us with plenty of sensitivity, understanding and professional skill; the team around her did a wonderful job as well.

Our first try was a success already. This year we became the proud parents of a wonderful little boy who is the spitting image of his father!

It’s virtually impossible to describe our joy and we are so happy that we took this step.