Success story 29 (translated from German)

The wish to have a child together was of enormous proportions. But still, I needed time to get used to the idea of an egg donation. I’ve never regretted my decision and I am the happiest person in the world now that I have twin daughters. 

But let me tell you the story:  

Several infertility treatment cycles with IVF were unsuccessful. The method used in Germany is different from the procedure in St. Petersburg. From my point of view, the embryo transfer is done too early in Germany.    

In Russia, embryos are transferred after 5 days. At this stage, it would also be possible to determine the sex of the child, which I didn’t do. Dr Olga is a very understanding and caring physician. The initial joint consultation was very pleasant. The sperm cells were also collected at that point in time.   

Dr. Olga selected a donor for us. I don’t know her and that’s perfectly alright, because the twins are absolutely mine.  

Following the hormone treatment, two embryos were transferred. The atmosphere was very pleasant, classical music was playing in the background. I just needed to rest for a short while, lying down and that was it. I had traveled to St. Petersburg all alone, which was really very helpful for me, because the woman is the only one who can make this decision and who can look forward to the event. I had this wonderful feeling all along and was thrilled like a little girl eagerly looking forward to having two babies of my own after 9 marvelous months of being pregnant. Hotel accommodation and the pick-up service from the airport had been arranged by the fertility clinic, so everything was really simple.

Back home, I needed to wait another two weeks to find out if everything had gone well. I was so excited when my gynecologist did the rnd_test. Both embryos had been transferred successfully and were growing in my womb. This was the beginning of a deep love and affection, given that I no longer was expecting one child but two. I had a battery of tests done, but everything was just fine and the babies already started communicating when they were still growing inside me. They are loving sisters and we as parents are overjoyed and proud. Dr. Olga is a perfect and fantastic doctor who is willing to talk at any given moment.

Thank you dear Dr. Olga!