Success story 28

Thank you Dr. Olga Zaytseff and your team, for helping us become a family through embryo-donation. No words can describe our happiness you have given us.

My husband and I had tried to get pregnant for five years. We had tried numerous hormone treatments and five IVF in Sweden. The doctor’s could not find any reason why we didn’t get pregnant.  In treatment I got 5-6 eggs, most of the time they were of normal quality. My husband’s sperms were also normal.

For me it was like the worst nightmare. I had never thought there would be any problems to get children.  To live my life without having a family felt impossible.

I started to read about embryo-donation on internet, and it felt like our last chance. I was at that time 36 years old, so I thought, maybe it was my eggs that were of bad quality anyway, or could it be my husband’s sperm, even if they couldn’t explain it.

I gave it a lot of thought how it would feel to carry a child who genetically wasn’t ours. Would it feel like ”my own”? How would it look like, and how would the child feel about it when it got older….

We contacted Dr. Olga in St Petersburg by mail. I had read that the waiting list for donations was short. After only a few days, we got an answer. We were welcome on a first visit in March 2008. It was a success. Her warm and kind personality, made things better. On top of that, her knowledge in her area made our decision easy.

According to Dr. Zaytseff , our chances were approx. 72%, if inserting two embryos.

19:th of May 2008, we went back to St. Peterburg to insert two blastocysts. After two weeks we made a positive pregnancy rnd_test. We could hardly believe after so many disappointments, that we were so close to becoming a family! The pregnancy went well, although we were worried that something could go wrong.

In January 2009, two healthy children, one girl and one boy were born.

We love them above all. And we like to think there was a reason that these two beautiful children came to us.

We are very grateful towards Dr. Zaytseff, her team and the donors, who made it possible for us to become parents.

Just as this letter is written, we are undergoing a second treatment. Of course we keep our fingers crossed for a third child with the same donors as last time.

With this letter, we hope to help couples who are thinking about the possibilities of an embryo-transfer. We only have positive words to say when we speak about St. Petersburg and our experiences when visiting it.