Success story 24 (translated from German)

The husband’s story:

We aren’t all that young anymore; all together we’re more than 100 years old.

We met in the year 2000 and then got married in November 2001. This was the second marriage for both of us. Since I’m almost like Methuselah (I’m 61 years old now) and my wife entered menopause very early, she opted for your fertility clinic after having checked the Internet.

My wife is a medical psychotherapist; I used to work as an attorney-at-law and translator but have given up both jobs and now only write an occasional essay or paper of a philosophical nature. 

We have our own home and live in Germany close to fields and woods.

PS: I love Chekhov, especially his “A Boring Story”. Beckett once said of him: “There never was a smile like his.”

The wife’s story:

Menopause hit me totally unawares when I was 39 years old. It took me several years to think it over, but in 2009 I decided to go ahead with a donated embryo. My husband and I felt it was only fair not to use his sperm cells either and moreover, he feared that they might be of lower quality because of his age (61 yrs). Since the odds for a pregnancy are better, I opted for treatment with fresh embryos. 

Since my body was working well except for the eggs, I got pregnant the very first treatment cycle; unfortunately, however, I had a missed abortion 9 weeks into my pregnancy. After the second treatment 4 months later, I was pregnant again, initially with twins. Regrettably, one of the fetuses already died in the fifth week of pregnancy. Bleeding that occurred early on in the pregnancy, probably because of the dead fetus, was controlled very well thanks to the medication prescribed by Dr. Zaytseff.

Generally speaking, there were no problems communicating by e-mail. It was very helpful that I was able to contact Dr. Zaytseff by cell phone if anything went wrong or I was worried. I felt well taken care of by the team and believe that Dr. Z. did a good job. She was friendly and showed empathy. She explained everything very well and she didn’t raise any false hopes.

My husband and I are very happy that our wish to have a baby came true after all, thanks to Dr. Zaytseff and her team and we feel the greatest gift of all is – our son.