Success story 19

For almost 10 years, my husband and I tried to get pregnant. We used every possible treatment, regular and alternative, in order to become parents. After many years of tears and frustrations we came to the painful acknowledge that we might never experience the joy of being pregnant or looking to our newborn child.

We came over a homepage addressing egg donation. Several clinics were discussed in this page and one of them from St. Petersburg made an outstanding impression. The doctor who worked there got good references from people all around the world. The name of this doctor is Olga Zaytseff. We decided to give this method a try, well aware that we put ourselves again in a fragile situation.

We came to St. Petersburg some weeks later. Olga was honest with us and told us that this was a difficult case. She answered every single question we brought up and promised nothing more that  what we already knew at that time. My husband delivered his sperm sample that was immediately frozen for future fertilization.

Once we decided to start the process, it went incredible smooth. We were able to fit it into our "busy" schedule and Olga was always only a phone-call away. Olga Zaytseff matched a suitable egg donor for us and we came back to St. Petersburg several months later to get the embryo inserted. Two embryos of excellent quality were then transferred. Now started a new phase in this process. At this point it was important to improve my body`s ability to keep the embryos growing.

The day I discovered that I was pregnant, I didn`t really knew what to do. I remember seeing for the first time two "blue lines" in  a pregnancy test that previously had only showed me a single line. I remember leaving the bathroom and going to the living room, not knowing what to do with such a wonderful rnd_news. Two days later this was positively confirmed by taking a blood sample at my general doctor`s office.

Olga was with us during this new chapter in our lifes. She became excited when she heard the news of two babies growing inside me. She also answered  desperate telephone calls on regular working days and even a Sunday afternoon when I started bleeding. Calmly she explained me what to do and how to address several difficulties.

Some months later, we welcomed two beautiful babies. One of them lies close to me now, as I write these lines.

We would never have experienced this joy without Olga Zayteff`s help and we will for ever be grateful to her.