Success story 18

Today I am the happiest mother of two healthy beautiful twin boys, and I thank Dr. Zaytseff for this!

A year ago, I decided do everything I could to get a child. I am high in my forties and I knew that there was not much time left to become a mother. The boyfriends I had had in my life, had children already and did not want more. So it was with my last boyfriend, whom I had just parted as friends before I had my first consultation in St.Petersburg. My choice of having a child was a top priority and during my yearly visit at my gynaecologist last year, I was told I had a normal uterus, with a good inner (endometrium) lining as well as normal hormones, but my ovaries were getting too old (according to a blood test) and that my chances were getting very slim to get pregnant the “normal way”. My gynaecologist advised me to get egg donation and to go to Russia to visit Dr. Olga Zaytseff. My gynaecologist gave me hope after telling me how another patients of hers had just given birth to healthy twins after seeing Dr. Zaytseff. Three weeks after this visit at my gynaecologist I had my first consultation in Russia and 38 weeks later I gave birth to two beautiful healthy babies. That is how fast it went!

Dr. Zaytseff told me about the options I had during the my initial consultation, regarding egg donation, using my own eggs and receiving embryo adoption (transfer) I had thought of egg donation a lot, but was very hesitant about it because I wanted my genes to come through. There is also a lot of taboo about egg donation in my country and it is not spoken about and not readily accepted as with sperm donation. At the consultation we went through all the possibilities. I felt very comfortable and confident with Dr. Zaytseff. I felt she was on my side, very open and straightforward and I became more and more hopeful and optimistic about being pregnant. I constantly felt touched and on the verge of tears, as we went through the options. She looked at my blood test results and ultra sound report that I had with me, and did a physical exam on me as well. She told me after examining me, that everything looked normal and there was nothing to hinder my chance of getting pregnant, except that my own eggs might not be able to become fertile. But I had a very special unique opportunity for 1-2 days. It happened that I had just had my ovulation a few days before and my uterus was in the right stage for embryo implantation. I could try to receive thawed frozen embryos that the clinic had in their embryo “bank”.  Dr. Zaytseff asked me to think about this possibility and if I decided yes, I could come back the following day and receive the embryo transfer (adoption). I thought about it (- fast!) and came back the following morning -of course - and received two embryo transfers that were carefully picked and suited to me according to my wishes and my type. There was a 50 % chance of becoming pregnant with this option and so I said yes.

I felt all along that I got a lot of support in making the right decision and I also feel very fortunate to have come to Dr. Zaytseff who so cleverly saw I had a unique opportunity regarding embryo transfer, when my own uterus was “ready” and offered this to me. I feel very blessed that I “jumped” and made a quick decision when I had the chance. Two weeks later after the first – and only consultation I had a blood test showing very high HCG levels! Further ultrasounds during the pregnancy showed twins developing perfectly normal throughout the whole pregnancy. The wonderful thing with embryo transfer from healthy egg and sperm donors, is that I did not worry about any fetus abnormalities, like Downs Syndrom, and the pregnancy went as planned. I gave birth to twins at the date planned, and today they are growing and thriving extremely well.

I thank Dr. Zaytseff, from the deepest part of my heart for being so professional and for being optimistic and giving me the confidence that I could become pregnant as easily as I did. She is amazing because of her knowledge and her caring, warm understanding heart!