Success story 13

We met later than many couples, so even though we decided to become parents rather quickly we had entered into our forties when the decision to try was made.  After a while we checked up our medical potential for conceiving, and it turned out that the eggs was no longer produced with sufficient quality and IVF was not an option for us. Hence, we opted to try egg donation. After careful selection of a suitable clinic we got in contact with Dr Olga. She was able to show good statistics and provide a good selection of donors.  Our experience with Dr Olga has been very positive from our first visit to St Petersburg in beautiful May to our later successful pregnancy and we highly recommend her. It took about one year from we found out that we would not get pregnant on our own until we were pregnant after our second embryo transfer. Now, when our beautiful daughter is approaching one year, we plan to visit Dr Olga once more to try to get a baby brother or sister with our frozen embryos.