Success story 22

Me and my husband met when I was 34 and he was 36. We knew instantly that we wanted to have a child together. My husband had three already.

We got pregnant three times and had as many miscarriages. After those pregnancies we took help and had three ivf´s with my eggs. We discovered that the quality in my eggs were no good. The clinique informed us about egg donation. We discussed it and decided that that was a good opportunity for us to have our little lovechild. I started to search at the internet and found that  St. Petersburg seemed as the best possibility around. We went to Finland and Riga to visit different cliniques but it didn´t feel quite right, and the ques were quite long 8-12 months. I had always read about Olga Zaytseff in St. Petetrsburg, about how professional and successful she was. But it seemed a bit complicated to get visa for entry in the country. But we decided to go anyway. I sent an e-mail and got the answer the next day! And we had an appointment only two weeks later in the middle of December. The first meeting with dr. Zaytseff felt really god, and she informed us about all the steps along the way. The clinique feels modern and comfortable. We went home to wait for the right donor to show up. We didn´t have to wait for long. In the middle of February we went and had two eggs inserted ( only two month after our first visit ). One of the eggs were our wonderful boy born in the end of October 2009. I remember these visits to St:Petersburg as very happy occasions. We stayed in an ok hotel just around the corner from the clinique and did lots of sightseeing and had wonderful meals in nice restaurants.

Our son is a beautiful and healthy boy and we love him dearly! We are so thankful and grateful to dr. Zaytseff for all the help in making him successfully at our first try. We are so blessed.