My Russian princess

Our journey of becoming parents started at the age of 28. My husband was only a few years younger. After trying the "normal way" a few years with only negative results every month, we decided to contact a specialist. Unfortunately my husband sperm was proven to be of low quality. We were therefore advised to attempt IVF. Unfortunately this neither gave us the result we dreamed of, only an early miscarriage. After our IVF attempts we were told there also could be something wrong with my eggs. Even though egg donation is illegal in my country, our clinic had a doctor that advised us to look in to it. So our next step was then to do some research.

After googling on the Internet we found Ava-Peter to have a good reputation. Dr. Olga had many satisfied patients, also good results. I must add that donation was never difficult for us. As long as we felt that the women donating were treated well and were willing to help (not pressured in any way), we were positive.  Also, bearing our " own genes" have never been the most important factor for us. This being said, we were also positive to adoption in this process, however, we still were young and it was proven that I could carry a child (just not good quality eggs), so we didn't want to miss the chance of becoming parents by bearing our own child. So we contacted Ava-Peter.

At our first appointment in St. Petersburg we were surprised to be sent back home with a recommendation of trying IVF-D first. Dr. Olga therefore turned down thousands of pounds by sending us back home. This again proves what many of Dr. Olga’s patients say: that our best interest is always at heart. This has always been an important factor to us: money is not the clinics main motivation, but helping us getting pregnant!

We then followed her recommendation and Dr. Olga proved to be right: my eggs responded positive to sperm-donation and our first attempt resulted in 2 first class embryos. Unfortunately the embryos didn't attatch and unfortunately our dream still hadn't come true after 3 more attempts, only one clinical pregnancy. Also, my eggs didn't respond so good the two last attempts.

After these IVF-D attempts we again contacted Dr. Olga  (who we'd also had contact with all along). We had decided we wanted to try EA and today we are so happy we decided to do so as we now can rock our little baby to sleep... So beautiful and so loved. We are forever greatfull to our donors, Ava-Peter and of course dear Dr. Olga herself. She is truly a miracle worker with a big heart.