Success story 43

I have always wanted a family, a large one, but it never occured to me that this dream might not come true. But years have passed and I have never became pregnant. I didn´t give up hope but of course this has been a great grief in my life and infected all my late relationships.

But the suddenly I met my wonderful husband. He was divorced and had many children before, but he understood my longing for children. We seeked help from an IVF-clinic quite soon when I again     didn´t became pregnant. We did hormonstimulation and microinjection of my own eggs. I produced quite a lot of eggs, and we were told that they looked healthy, but after they had started to divide , all of them suddenly stopped. We tried three times, then we had to give up, my eggs would never work!

Then there was a little hesitation. This was a crisis, but soon we decided to try egg donation.

We were of course nervous, but as soon as we had met Dr Zaytseff, we felt very comfortably. All information were easy to understand and it was possible to do most preparation in our home country. Now, I became pregnant at the first attempt. The pregnancy was completely normal and when my son was born I know immediately that he was the one I´ve been waiting for all my life. He is now 1 year old and now we hope that, with Dr Zaytseff´s excellent help, we might give him a little brother or sister.

So for families in our situation we can truly recommend Dr Zaytseff. We have got the best support during the whole process.

Eva and Gunnar from Sweden